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WhatsApp motivi crollo

Users say goodbye for two reasons

A new downturn in the crisis hit WhatsApp for two basic reasons. Let’s see why the application loses another user again.

Users are ready to leave the app again (via screenshot)

In these weeks Share Tried to rise from the moment of crisis, adding new functions, but the decline could come for two reasons. There are only two months left to actually implement it New Terms of Service, Which provides Sharing data with Facebook. Update That would be mandatory Without it the application will no longer work. This will prompt users to choose competitors.

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When The second reason This is one of the old problems of WhatsApp, which is difficult for developers to avoid. In fact the application has unfortunately been thwarted Frauds, Which often makes fun of users who are very naive. In recent weeks we have seen a fraud allegation coming up Good adidas. A novelty invented by scammers, which misled many users. But we generally see how these fraudulent protagonists are viewed Discount coupons from large multinational companies. So let’s see how the app tries to recover users.

WhatsApp, the reasons for the crash are clear: the application is trying to recover users

WhatsApp message is changing
Everything is ready for the big news in the news app (via screenshot)

WhatsApp is ready to intervene in the fall of users, introducing many functions that motivate users. The last few days, in fact, we have seen developers ready to introduce News at twice the speed, Which will help regulate communications, Kilometer audio problem avoidance. Function that does not generate a little excitement while users wait for messages from developers.

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However, at present, it does not have official status and has not been activated even in the initial version of the application. A novelty that takes its note from one of the competitors, Telegraph, This is already “2 x”To double the speed of the audio. In addition, like the competition, you can at any time Return to the original speed of the audio. So let’s see if WhatsApp will at least start functioning in the beta version of the app in the coming months.