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South Park Pandemic Special: How to Watch Online and Download in the UK |  TV & Radio |  Showbiz & TV

South Park Pandemic Special: How to Watch Online and Download in the UK | TV & Radio | Showbiz & TV

The pandemic coronavirus COVID-19 returned to South Park on September 30 with an hour-long special episode. However, this episode has so far only aired in the US. How to view it in the UK and what viewers can expect.

Can you see the South Park Pandemic Special in the UK?

The satirical animated comedy South Park recently came to the screen with a very topical episode.

The coronavirus epidemic prompted Trey Parker and Matt Stone to bring a new story of seeing COVID-19 through the eyes of Colorado locals.

In the US, the episode aired on Comedy Central on September 30 at 8pm ET and 7pm CT.

After it airs live on the channel, fans who missed it will be able to stream it via HBO Max.

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As soon as the broadcast date in the UK is confirmed, this article will be updated.

The subscription to the entertainment bundle of the service costs 99 7.99 per month.

Viewers can access the platform for a seven-day free trial if they are new customers.

It is not yet clear if the episode will even hit Netflix UK as six seasons are currently available to watch there.

However, this is only the last season of the show so it will end.

What happens at the South Park Pandemic Special?

The new episode airs the first hour-long specialty of the comedy.

Comedy Central has released a brief trailer showing how South Park residents can adapt to life in these uncertain times.

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The official summary reads: “Randy is committed to his role in the spread of COVID-19, as the ongoing pandemic poses a continuing challenge to South Park citizens.

“Children go back to school happily, but they’m not the same as they used to be; not their teachers, not their home room, not even Eric Kartman.”

Comedy Central in South Park in the US and now on TV in the UK.