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Comdirect, Comdirect-Bank, Comdirect-Fehler, Comdirect Panne

Users can download other account statements

At Comirect, a subsidiary of Commerce Bank, a major IT breakdown occurred. Due to a technical glitch, users were able to conveniently download strangers’ account and bond account statements. In the meantime, the Comdirect bug needs to be fixed.

The technical glitch is somewhat paralyzing

With more than 2.75 million private customers, Comdirect is one of the largest direct banks in Germany. Therefore, a collective error affects many in the Federal Republic.

In the second week of July (again) such a joint error occurred. More precisely, the company had to fight a technical malfunction, which led to problems and, above all, errors for several hours.

Joint Error: What Happened?

On Monday, July 12, users were Twitter And other media outlets increasingly reported problems with Comdirect Bank. Unable to buy or sell shares for several hours or open an account display on the desktop.

A spokesman for the financial institution told the news portal the reason for the technical failure Accordingly, it is said that “in some galaxies, there was a brief problem with the CSV export process for sale” In a statement on Twitter.

What are the consequences of a collective error for customers?

This question is both exciting and important. Due to ID breakdown, customers were able to download the compression file by default when calling their account history for the last 30 days.

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Problem with: Due to collective breakdown, this document does not have your own account and deposit transactions, but strangers. No name specified in the file.

Nevertheless, the victims report D-OnlineThey think it is realistic to find out who actually holds the account. Above all, purchases, restaurant withdrawals, pay slips and insurance give many personal details.

After the joint breakdown: the information ends with the authorities

According to Direct Bank reports, not all victims have to worry. There is no risk that strangers will be able to access your own account. No transfers were made.

On July 13, 2021, the company announced in several comments on social media that the “bug had been fixed and reported to the appropriate authorities.” All users affected by the Bank’s IT breakdown have received information about this.

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