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WhatsApp Introduces Multiple Device: From today (in beta) it can be used on multiple devices

WhatsApp Introduces Multiple Device: From today (in beta) it can be used on multiple devices

Emanuel Sisotti

Currently beta users only (and not at all). However, the much-anticipated feature is now official.

This is one of the most anticipated features of WhatsApp and has been widely anticipated in recent weeks. Today it was officially launched by WhatsApp (also released) Post on his blog), Though capable of beta users only WhatsApp can be accessed on many devices (Desktop app / WhatsApp web only, though not a smartphone tablet).

Founder of the latest version of WhatsApp beta On your smartphone, you can try your luck and find out if this innovation is already implemented in your account. To do this, go to the three points on the top right and then to the connected devices.

There may be a new option here, which is in English Multi-device beta. By enabling it you will be disconnected from the connected browsers / desktop applications, and by logging in again you will be a front The beta version of the WhatsApp web.

If you are wondering what has changed in the past, answer now Your desktop application / WhatsApp web will work independently from your smartphone. This is very easy to test: you can use WhatsApp from your computer without any problems by turning off your smartphone. If you are having trouble communicating with your friends, ask them to update their WhatsApp app (it’s okay if they have Beta, But they must have the latest software version).

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Since communication is still encrypted from the end, this “magic” does not happen with cloud storage of messages (for example in the telegram), but with a system Establish secure connections directly with all personal devices. Basically, WhatsApp servers open encrypted sessions with personal devices, and each sends its message.

There are many features synced between devices (such as favorite messages or archived chats), but this does not apply to deleted chats as a security measure. If one of the sessions of the desktop application or WhatsApp web is not used for 14 days It is closed You will need to sign in again via the smartphone app.

Let us know if you are one of the lucky ones active in this new feature. Unfortunately if this is not the case then maybe you need to know Rolling This function is defined by the WABetaInfo team as “very slow”.