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Use-happy Americans get involved in downloading the app; Increase the use of health applications during infections

SAN DIEGO, November 17, 2020 / PRNewswire / – As the world closed for work, school and socialization and technology became a lifeline to the outside world, the United States launched a download application, according to new data. ecoATM. The Green Technology Institute surveyed 2,000 adults October 2020 To reveal that almost a third (28%) have increased the number of applications on their cell phones when searching for new sites that will help them pursue a new lifestyle.

Cell phone usage time increased from 41% to 47% for those who use their phone for three hours a day.

Today, research shows that 40% of people have more than 21 applications on their cell phone. Half of this group actually have more than 30 apps competing for their attention on their handsets.

Social media apps – like Facebook, Instagram and Dictoc – are a collection of apps that are frequently used by 53% of voters. The use of these types of apps during epidemics has increased by 3% because Americans are increasingly relying on friends and loved ones, while real-world contact is low.

The second most popular type of application, including Gmail and Slack – are productivity applications, which are used frequently by 41%. The frequency of use is the same as before and during infections.

In third place are health utilities such as Glasspass and Headspace. This is another area that has experienced an increase in usage during epidemics, with a 2% increase when the country returns to these applications to support their mental and physical well-being during these times.

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Use of ride-sharing utilities – As Americans traveled less, Uber and elevators declined during epidemics.

ecoATM CEO Dave Maguire Says: “Our technology is more important than ever to move the world and keep our social life intact. Our phones have become the main way we are constantly connected with friends and family, and we are getting more and more new apps that help us navigate these new and greater times.

Our technology is no longer just escaping reality – it helps us create and improve our reality because we use it to work from home, to teach our children, and to connect with the physically invisible. ”

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SOURCE ecoATM Gazelle

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