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?? Upstream model, ?? Free Download Tomorrow (12/14/2020)

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Bestseller publication Announces the release of Justin Stoddart’s new book, ?? Upstream Model: The Hidden Secrets of Creating Massive Referral Business while Overcoming Big Tech Competitors. ?? It will be available for free download tomorrow, December 14th on the Amazon Kindle Store.

Your future as a well-paid professional in the service-based industry is in grave danger. Whether it’s real estate, mortgages, insurance, wealth management or the like, it’s time to focus on what’s going on. Little by little, your customers will always be warmed to the easy, safe, convenient and guaranteed benefits of your complete or partial replacement by advancing technology.

Reluctance or growing and adapting accordingly can lead to one of the following undesirable consequences:

  1. When you lose your health and your relationships, you have a non-profit business that pays you a living wage to work around the clock.
  2. You become the lowest paid operating / sales and service representative of one of these destructive technology companies.
  3. You are completely expelled from your industry.

Even if the traditional cold market and hot market methods fail us, I will introduce you to a new or alternative method, Upstream model, Which allows you to use the benefits of the cold-market (scaling) with the benefits of the hot-market (relationships).

Upstream model Allows you to create endless streams of hot suggestions. This model allows you to get more business from lesser relationships by focusing your value proposition on experts in different industries who know a transaction is coming, instead of focusing on the big databases of the wrong people to know a few sales or recommendations per year. These prospective clients are your industry before you talk to anyone in your industry.

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?? Upstream model ?? Issued by Justin Stoddart for free and download on Amazon for 5 days (12/14/2020 ?? 12/18/2020):

?? Upstream model ?? It has a 5.0-star rating on Here is what some say:

If you have seen / heard Justin’s podcasts, you know that he gives a special kind of positive energy and excitement to these topics and everything shines brightly in this book. Easily estimate the price for admission and many more if you choose to implement and implement strategies. ?? -Mark J.

?? This comment is awesome – reading this makes a jumpstart think big about how I approach my business. Great reading! Does work on implementation now. ?? -Sharon P.

For more information:

For more questions or to schedule an interview about this newsletter please contact us at (626) 765-9750 or email [email protected].

The best seller publication is Los Angeles Publishing Company, which is dedicated to helping business owners and entrepreneurs ?? With their best-selling books.

About the author:

Justin was raised by entrepreneurial parents and, as a result, became involved in business conversations at the age of five. This opened the door to many of his youth activities and business ventures and opportunities to fund college education.

In addition to his early entrepreneurial mindset, Justin also developed the ability to lead and motivate others through his work ethic and motivational words as a high school state champion and college athlete. Although he enjoyed playing on some of the best teams, his biggest growth was a broken leg, a broken shoulder blade and his family moved to a new city throughout his junior year in high school. Even if he is not the greatest or most talented player on his team, after every season in football, basketball and track, Justin’s coaches and teammates will give him the award that “inspires the most”. Player Award. He initially realized that inspiring and growing people was a gift he wanted to pursue.

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