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Digtok tops 2020's most downloaded list, of course no surprise / digital information world

Digtok tops 2020’s most downloaded list, of course no surprise / digital information world

Among the most anticipated events, Digtok, the online video sharing and social media app, was announced as the most downloaded app of 2020. App Annie Charts of 2020.

Application Annie is a company based on providing analytical research on applications to our unfamiliar readers. The company provides all kinds of market metrics such as earnings, ratings, statistics, and, as we speak today, downloads. With every existing online site breaking their knees and launching their 2020 review, App Annie has also jumped on the bandwagon and released this year’s report on mobile apps. This analysis had the best applications on the year list when losing various details related to the market. There were some other interesting entries on the list besides DicTok, let’s explore them now.

The fact that Dictok’s status has now risen is unprecedented. But 2020 has been a year of great success and increasing tensions for use. First, let’s explore the good. As more and more people rely on schools and colleges that rely on online education, the world’s youth have for months been basically without alternatives to meeting friends and doing outdoor activities. With Dictokin already gaining popularity with the aforementioned young people in mind, the application was in the prime stage of ripening. The app was ranked 2nd by Annie in the consumer spending category (surprisingly, Tinder was ranked 1st, although social isolation was a significant part of 2020).

However, 2020 was not all sunshine and rainbows for Dictoc because it came under heavy fire from governments around the world throughout the year. Use is banned in India and still is. It was also banned in Pakistan, and the ban should be lifted after a small popular outcry. Former US President Donald Trump has sought to launch a vicious anti-dictator campaign to shut down the app for any US use. Although a ban has never been passed, it sends complex messages to the developers of Dictoc, as well as raises questions about the security of our data in the hands of the application.

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Finally, other notable additions include zoom, which is the fourth downloaded app of the year since more than 200 locations went undetected. Facebook has had a good year. Despite losing most of the downloaded app, it is definitely understood by most monthly active users. In addition to Facebook taking first place in this category, WhatsApp, Messenger and Instagram took 2nd, 3rd and 4th places; All Facebook affiliates.

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