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Comparison Duel: Samsung Galaxy S21 FE vs Galaxy S20 FE 5G

Comparison Duel: Samsung Galaxy S21 FE vs Galaxy S20 FE 5G

Designed to satisfy fans of the brand on a budget, the fan version of Samsung products follows one of the South Korean charts. After the successful Galaxy S20 FE, the manufacturer releases the Galaxy S21 FE, which should be measured.

The latest addition to Samsung’s Galaxy S range, the Galaxy S21 FE stands out as a variant of the Galaxy S20 because the Galaxy S20 FE was compared to the Galaxy S20 a year ago. The smartphone we recently tested has retained the performance of its predecessor, but loses a star in its final rating. The purpose of this fight is not to determine who wins, but to compare the strengths and weaknesses of each of these two models.

Let’s clarify the first thing: Thanks for the release with Android 12 A UI 4 Upgraded to Galaxy S20 FE, the Galaxy S21 FE will receive three years of software support, making it compatible with Android 14 or Android 15. The S20 FE was released on Android 10 and should not go higher than Android 13. This is a point that weighs on the durability of the product, so it should be taken into account before purchasing.

This fight explains it in detail: the Samsung Galaxy S21 FE and S20 FE are particularly close. Samsung’s latest has a slightly more successful screen than its predecessor, with performance enhanced and lighter following its SoC update, which enhances its usability. On the other hand, the photo performance is similar to that of the Galaxy S20 FE, which is fitted with a more beautiful display and performance that is comparable to current standards, thanks to its very robust autonomy. However, with the release of the Galaxy S21 FE resolving durability under Android 12, the question of software remains.

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