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Update KB5001391 fixes excessive CPU usage and start menu

Windows 10 KB5001391 fixes a few bugs, including excessive CPU usage and the start menu display error – via simple connection. Microsoft should actually launch after the May 2021 update, which will be an increasing update with continuous security patches.

Since the latest overall update for Windows 10, a large number of users have been complaining about this.Annoying errors in their installation. The most serious is abnormal CPU usage, which affects the overall performance of the machine. Windows 10 KB5001391 was recently released to fix these issues.

Microsoft is currently using this small update on Windows 10 20H2 and other operating systems Windows 10 2004. Microsoft did not elaborate on the reasons for this unusual CPU usage. According to internet users who have researched this matter, it seems that only a few processes are the cause.

Windows 10 update KB5001393 fixes two annoying bugs

If you have this problem with your computer, the updated KB5001391 combination should bring everything back to normal. This method fixes another bug from the connection menu. Windows 20 H2 introduces new design It changes color theme automatically according to computer theme.

However, since the update, Some users report that the menu tiles are broken and show blank inserts. This breaks down some functionality of the menu for no apparent reason. All tiles are back in operation after the KB5001391 update. Microsoft seems to be fixing some bugs in upstream that will not be fixed by the next May 2021 update.

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The latter is often expected to be an avalanche of security fixes, rather than a common bug fix. By fixing these issues upstream, Microsoft is preventing these bugs from causing unexpected compatibility issues with the affected machines.

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This is not the first time this has happened, and Microsoft is constantly being forced to stop using updates after serious bugs have been detected on some computers. To install the update, manually search for the Windows update. If your machine is damaged, it will be delivered to you automatically.

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