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update 3.2 coming tomorrow, many changes in the next period –

Battlefield 2042 Will receiveUpdate 3.2 tomorrow, January 20, 2022, But this is only the first step of one The phase of change Serious for DICE and EA’s multiplayer shooter, set to get many upgrades and changes in the next few weeks.

Starting with Patch 3.2, this should bring several fixes Error is a problem Game found with a full list of variants to be released in the next few hours, but this will be a technical upgrade with features that users will rarely see during standard sessions.

L ‘Update 3.3 On the contrary, it will come in mid-February 2022, bringing improvements in the scoreboard and changes in jobs from pre-Christmas times. There is talk of changes in the interface with new panels, which show players related data and comparisons between them, which is especially useful in the competitive online environment of the game.

It is not yet clear whether other changes expected during or after the same update 3.3 will be about matchmaking options in All-Out Warfare and VOIP voice communication: these tasks are currently under special surveillance, but none. This is a more definitive release. Period.

With the 3.2 update, the portal will also have changes in the management of XP, as well as the possibility of providing additional servers and game modes for mastery and weekly tasks. In addition, various performance improvements are expected starting with tomorrow’s update and beyond. We hope that all of this will further enhance Battlefield 2042’s status, with there being fewer players than Battlefield 1 and V on Steam in recent days.

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