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Update 12.0.3 Available, Update Message –

With only a few more days until E3 2021, players around the world will have their eyes (and more) on Nintendo. The Japanese company may have some interesting games for us, but most fans want to understand when it comes time to look at the new switch model. In the meantime, however, normalcy Nintendo Switch Continuing its life, now, an update is available, to be exactUpdate 12.0.3.

What changes? Based on the official explanation provided by Nintendo’s support page, nothing. “General Stability improvements System to Improve User Experience “: This tells us about the 12.0.3 update.

I DataminerHowever, as you can see below they reveal some more details about the update. Update 12.0.3 can be found in Updating Package 2 (which contains the kernel and some key services), SSL (which allows you to create secure connections with a server) and the list of audited terms. In other words, these are minor changes.

As far as we know, considering the Datamines have already been verified, we do not believe there are others. Secret changes Nintendo Switch 12.0.3 update. If there are any news, we will explicitly update you.

Relying on this, the official release of the Nintendo Switch Pro will not come before Jeff Group to E3 2021.

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