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Update 1.09 is available with minor bug fixes

Update 1.09 is available with minor bug fixes

Without prior notice, the developers of Naughty Dog released a new update for “Our Last: Part 2” last weekend.

It raises the famous revenge epic to version 1.09 and brings only minor changes with it. On the one hand, according to the official changelog, minor bugs are fixed and unspecified improvements are made in detail. In addition, the bug has been removed, which may incorrectly display game time in 60FPS mode of “Our Last: Part 2”.

Developers are thinking about a successor

Not only is there a TV series currently in progress for “The Lost of SS”, which, according to current affairs, is set to launch later this year. In addition, the developers of Naughty Dog a few days ago pointed out that the studio was already thinking a lot about “Our Last: Part 3”.

In the case: Preparations are underway for the shooting of our last: HBO series

“We really want to take our time and find something that will excite us to work on for the next three, four, even five years. We’re exploring different ideas and now we do,” said Neil Truckman, vice director of The Lost of S Part 2. Commented.

We have additional details on this matter Here Briefly for you.

They are: MP1st

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