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SFR Actus

Good deal: Teaser premium is only 1 euro

Summer is the hottest season of the year. A place where you can look for maximum success by having fun, partying or relaxing. Here is an unavoidable offer to come with you to the beach, mountains, countryside or office: the teaser premium is only 1 euro per month. Raise the level and you will become a DJ!

SFR always has good deals! Now, summer shopping saves incredible savings. Evidence with this ad at Teaser Premium allows you to subscribe to the music streaming site and access the list of unlimited titles for only 1 Euro per month!

Teaser Premium is the best account for enjoying music anywhere, anytime, whatever the weather. With unlimited access to over 70 million tracks, Teaser offers a complete chart of all artists Via Taylor Swift to Kojira via Cologero and Connie West. Whatever your style, it should be in the teaser. In addition to this complete music list, millions of podcasts are also listened to. No internet connection required: You can download your content to the device of your choice (smartphone, tablet, etc.) and listen to it offline. A great solution for moments spent in transit.

In addition to listening to playlists created by professionals or individuals, you can edit your own and leave them private or public, and even collaborate if you wish. Or how to play DJ at your fingertips. Ready for the blind test? Putting together the perfect playlist for a night out on vacation? Do you listen to her favorite sweet rhythms to unwind during a nap? Enjoying jokes from her favorite podcast radio show? All of this is possible with the promised teaser premium of a music universe that stretches beyond infinity … and beyond.

Source: Teaser