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Download the SAMEER app to find out about polluted areas Javadekar appeals to the public-ANI

Download the SAMEER app to find out about polluted areas Javadekar appeals to the public-ANI

New Delhi [India], October 18 (ANI): Union Environment Minister Prakash Javadekar on Sunday appealed to the people to download the Sameer app to get information about polluted areas in various cities.
In his Facebook live session, Javadekar said, “I urge everyone to download an app called SAMEER which will give you complete information about polluted areas in different cities of the country.
He encouraged people to use public transport or e-vehicles as he uses an electric vehicle.
“Currently, there are over two lakh e-vehicles in use in our country. E-vehicles are popular in India and we have to use them or we have to use public transport. I use the e-vehicle myself,” Javadekar said.
Explaining the steps taken by the Center to reduce the level of pollution, he said that about 60-70 thermal power plants causing pollution would be phased out in two years.
“The government has introduced BS-V fuel to reduce pollution levels by 25-60 per cent. The government has also implemented a plan to remove the polluting thermal power plant in Delhi and 60-70 plants will be shut down in two years,” Javadekar said.
The main factors behind air pollution in the country are traffic, industries, waste, dust, dull, geography and meteorology.
“The pollution problem cannot be solved overnight. Continuous efforts are needed to address every contributing issue,” he said.
The Minister briefed the Facebook audience about the steps taken by the Central Government to effectively combat air pollution.
The number of “good” wind days increased to 218 in 2020, up from 106 in 2016, and the number of non – quality wind days decreased to 56 in 2020, from 156 in January to September 30, 2016.
The minister said the implementation of the East and West Peripheral Expressways has reduced congestion by diverting traffic from Delhi.
Javadekar said the metro expansion has helped a lot in reducing congestion and pollution. The metro has expanded with more stations and coaches avoiding pollution from 5 lakh vehicles.
The minister pointed out measures to reduce industrial emissions, including the closure of Badarpur and Sonipat thermal power plants, the conversion of brick kilns to zigzag technologies, the ban on 2,800 industries converting to PNG fuel, petcoke and furnace oil. (ANI)

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