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Unrestricted income.  Here is where it might fall in Italy

Unrestricted income. Here is where it might fall in Italy

“The remote possibility of one or more pieces of the satellite falling into our territory has not yet been ruled out.” In a note posted on the Civil Defense website, this is a discourse on the uncontrolled return of the second stage of the Chinese rocket to the atmosphere. ‘Long March 5B’, This brought the heart of the Chinese space station into orbit. A summit is being held at the headquarters of the Civil Defense to discuss the remote – but possible – hypothesis that parts of the rocket will fall on Italy. Special Civil Defense Commission for the Conference of .NAC, ENAV, ISPRA and the Regions. “Based on the latest data provided by the Italian space agency, the return to Earth forecast is set for next May 9”.

Is the return of the Chinese rocket dangerous?

The question many ask is whether the ‘Long March 5B’ indicates the risk of “uncontrolled” re-entry of certain parts of the satellite. To give an answer, Media Enough, the news agency bulletin of the National Astronomical Institute, said: “It is important to underline that there are survivors of this space crash on Earth. In short, there is no shortage of people who constantly take care of our heads. “According to current data – INAF continues – Long March travels in very low orbit, covering an altitude of about 150 km to 300 km around our planet, at a speed of about 8 km / s. Like all objects in low orbit , Earth’s atmosphere, although rare at those altitudes, makes itself felt by a breaking action: as the long march gradually loses momentum and reaches an altitude of about 80 km, the density of the Earth’s atmosphere, which warms and decomposes, becomes a continuous meteorite. And may touch the surface of the earth “.

Where can ‘Lunga Marcia 5B’ pieces fall (in Italy)

The most probable hypothesis is that these pieces will touch the ground on Sunday, May 9, “but the time window is very different and currently covers the interval between 15:00 on May 8 and 16:00 on May 9 (Italian time).” Where might it fall? “In terms of the characteristics of the orbit, as far as Italy is concerned, it is only a national territory South of Rome May be involved in the return. As new data arrives, estimates of final orbits will become more and more accurate in the coming days, further reducing the re-entry time window. A promise to readers: “Since the Earth is covered by about three-quarters of the water and the rest of the area is mainly in ruins, the probability that the components of the rocket will hit the populated area is very low.”