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Ultra-thin gaming laptops are finally here, and there are four that mark 2021 this year

Ultra-thin gaming laptops are finally here, and there are four that mark 2021 this year

CES 2021 laptop PC announcements were high last week. Lots of pro or semi-pro, Models Home public Or Creative, Some great nomads of course, And machines that are of particular interest to us today: ultra-thin gaming laptops.

Equipped with a 13, 14 or 15 inch panel, these new generation computers that display thickness and compact weight may even hold high pitches on large gaming laptops.

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This is thanks to Intel (and its New Intel Core H35 processors), To AMD (and its newer Raison 5000H and 5000U processors) And, finally, thanks to Nvidia (and Its GeForce RTX 3000 for laptops) This new PC family may finally live up to our expectations.

Despite these sophisticated components, not all ultrafines are expensive. Some will be offered for around 1200 to 1500 euros, which is not too expensive for good gaming machines.

Of all the announcements made last week, four machines caught our attention.

Asus ROG Flow X13

First l’Asus ROG Flow X13. It runs on the latest AMD and Nvidia processors and can display your favorite games on its 13.4-inch screen, additionally turning it into a working machine or large touchpad.
The graphics card may not be one of the latest RTXs, it is a GTX 1650. But it will be enough to play a few games from time to time. And for serious things … there’s something it takes. But not under the keyboard, next to it.

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This hybrid can be paired with the ROG XG One, an external graphics card that is no bigger than external power. It will become a real game beast. We can’t wait to test it!

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MSI Stealth 15M

At 15.6 inches in size, so slightly larger than the Flow X13, the Stealth 15M from MSI will send the latest Intel H35 processors (Core i7-11375H) in addition to the RTX 3060 graphics card. Not in Max-Q format, there will be a precursor, so it will move.

Black or white, this case weighs only 1.7 kg (slightly more than a full water bottle in short) and its thickness is a maximum of 1.6 cm.

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Lenovo Legion Slim7

Even there, it sent 15.6 inches to the press. In its new version, Lenovo’s Legion Slim 7 weighs less than 2 kg, is only 1.9 cm thick, and will be offered with sophisticated AMD and Nvidia components. This includes the Raison 7 5900h processor (maximum) or the GeForce RTX 3060 Max-Q graphics card (best).

Full HD display at 165Hz or 4K at 60Hz, Slim 7 offers both, but if you want to play a lot go with the previous ones.

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Acer Predator Triton 300 Second Edition

With only 14 inches in our selection, the Triton 300 SE picks up a lot of boxes. Like the other machines selected here it is simple and sensible. Its metal case, which looks very large, actually weighs only 1.7 kilograms and is 1.79 cm thick.

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Although Acer has decided to put AMD Raison processors in some of its laptops by 2021, it was Intel’s Core H35s that led to the charging of this Triton. To deal with all your games, it would be great with the GeForce RTX 3060 Max-Q.

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Stay away from our exam, The Razor blade15However, it can be said to be cohesive. However, it does not – an ultra-thin gaming laptop PC definitely speaks for itself – because it only packs hard hard components in its black aluminum case. Nevertheless, it is a good choice on paper for those who prefer a machine with reduced size and thickness.