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The screen protector should never be removed!

The screen protector should never be removed!

From Maximilian Home
Unlike its predecessors, the new switch is factory fitted with LED screen protection. Nintendo strongly advises against removing these, otherwise there is a risk of injury.

Last week Nintendo officially introduced the Switch OLED and the first players have already received the console. Unlike its predecessor, it features a new docking station with a better and larger display and 4K capability.

However, the new screen has a limit that some users have already noticed. Previous switch models can optionally be protected by security films from third-party providers. However, these measures are not necessary because the displays of the “older” models were behind a relatively stable plastic pan. The switch is LED, on the other hand, fitted with a glass panel on the front of the 7-inch screen.

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So Nintendo has installed a screen protector ex-job so that the glass panel in front of the OLED panel can withstand at least the soft power. Nintendo North America has stated that there is a risk of injury from broken glass if this safety measure is removed incorrectly by the user. So on the second page of a warning about this one writes in the “Nintendo Switch LED Health and Safety Information and Application Guidelines” pointing out to users that Nintendo has a new official LED security image of itself. .

In addition to the large and high-contrast screen, the switch’s internal memory has been doubled and the speakers have been replaced with newer modules with improved audio features. It also has a lane port and a very stable kick stand on the dock.

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