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Ubisoft Quartz sells 15 NFTs out of thousands produced -

Ubisoft Quartz sells 15 NFTs out of thousands produced –

According to Liz Edwards – Apex Legends’ senior lead artist -, Ubisoft Quartz Only able to sell 15 NFT In the thousands produced for the movement of money equivalent to about 400 dollars or about 350 euros.

As you can see below, Edwards tested two of Ubisoft’s third-party markets Digit, NFTs of Ubisoft Quartz. The total volume of sales is 94.49 ꜩ (Tezon), which – as mentioned – corresponds to over 350 euros. Apparently these are very low figures considering the purpose of this project.

We mention these first Digit They have a very limited value in the eyes of the public: they are not rare cosmetics, and thousands of them are sold for free; In addition, they are only associated with Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Breakpoint, a badly successful game, on the PC version of Ubisoft Connect. Finally, keep in mind that Ubisoft is only in the quartz beta phase: this may be an initial test, which acts as a starting point for more complex and broader strategies.

However, this result should come as no surprise, as the purchase plans from the first days did not exceed $ 21, compared to the $ 400,000 demanded by the sellers.

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