There are two free games in the epic game store again this week. You can now use your game libraries with two game titles Bridge Builder: Walking dead And Iron transmission Expand. You have exactly one week to get the games. If you enable this, they will be with you permanently.

There will be a change on July 15th and you will get two more games.

Bridge Builder: Walking dead

This is the rest of the bridge builder, where you need to build bridges that are as stable as possible. However, this version takes place in The World of The Walking Dead. Bridges help survivors get over the heads of the undead, and if you fail, this is good food for the scary zombie mob.

If you like the game, you can do it here Download Tamil

Iron transmission

Iron Cast players take the alternative of the Victorian era to the past. Here two foot fighting machines compete with each other. Game policy puzzle is aimed at friends because battles are fought through a combination of different colored game pieces.

Here you will get Iron transmission

Current games can be downloaded from July 8 to 15, then free games can be switched on and off Abduction And Off World Trade Organization. If you are interested in what games are already available as part of the free game collection, you will find an overview here.

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