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Link # 5 is presented in the video, introducing several new features -

Link # 5 is presented in the video, introducing several new features –

Presented by Lauren Studios with a video and interactive event (actual #LARPG) Link # 5 of Gateway to Baltur3, Which will arrive on July 13, 2021 and introduce many more Announcements Within the game, we remind you to have early access to Steam and Stadia.

In the video you can see Lorion’s boss Sven Winke talking about new features. You can find it in the headline of the news. In short, dynamics will be added, there will be major improvements to combat and artificial intelligence, cinematography and weapons will be improved graphically, and there will be more focus Playing role.

A full patch release note will be released with the patch. In the meantime, let’s look at some important news:

  • An active roll system will be introduced so that players can use spells and bonuses on their dice rolls. Additionally, players can now view modifiers and status effects directly on the user interface.
  • Introduced the background goal, which is the smallest associated with the background of the characters, which will reward them for behaviors according to the chosen story.

  • Added resources for the camps, i.e. a certain amount of food and other supplies needed for a long stay in a particular place and party rest. Mini camps have also been introduced, which are always places to park depending on the environment that provides an alternative to returning to headquarters.

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