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Two new additional titles have already been provided

Two new additional titles have already been provided

A few weeks after its Netflix games were widely used worldwide and in France, the video streaming service continues to upgrade as promised. Two new games have been added, including the Asphalt Extreme Racing game released from Gameloft’s tracks.

Netflix Games is coming

Netflix Games is coming // Source: Netflix

Gentle, but already with a good motivation. Launched a few weeks ago, Netflix Games has been used in many countries, including France, with five titles. He already has two more.

As we have pointed out to you, Netflix has been working with many development studios around the world to strengthen the free offer for subscribers. It already takes shape with the arrival of a topic in the table.

Found on site Tech Crunch, Netflix Games has two new kids in the gaming space. To start Asphalt Extreme, A mobile racing game completely unknown to many. The asphalt license was due to Ubisoft’s older brother’s reputation in Pollur for the quality of its mobile titles, gamble and view. Asphalt Extreme Is in the same style.

The first cameloft game … already known

Released in 2016 on iOS and Android, Asphalt Extreme Sign its comeback. He recently went blind, and the reason for that is explained here. He reappeared there for a specific purpose to join the Netflix Games Galaxy.

Owned by YouTubeSubscribe to Frandroid

This spin-off of the racing game series, which allowed itself to take the path of the domains Forza Horizon On the Xbox, a variety of environments (forest, sand, snow, etc.) and a wide range of vehicles are offered. After the huge success of its release, Asphalt Extreme Gradually returning to anonymity before leaving stores at the end of September, Camloft had no doubt had an interesting income. The partnership with Netflix was undoubtedly able to make up for this to some extent, while waiting for a truly viable exclusive title.

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More and more different games are coming

Another family friendly game added by Netflix, Bowling Bowlers. The title we have to give to the developer Frosty Pop Shooting Hoops And Dieter Up This is one of the top five games the US company has introduced in its app. It is a bowling theme of “Endless Runner”.

Asphalt Extreme

Asphalt Extreme // Source: Cameloft

Asphalt Extreme And Bowling Bowlers Available immediately if you have explicitly subscribed to Netflix. You can run it for free and, like other topics on the list, no ads or in-app purchases will interfere with your progress. However, this is not cloud gaming or streaming, and downloadable games can be accessed offline, such as Apple Arcade.

Note thatAsphalt Extreme Not yet available on iOS.

How to enjoy Netflix games?

You must explicitly be a Netflix subscriber to access Netflix games for free. This service is currently only available on tablets and smartphones.

On Android:

Launch the Netflix app and the new Netflix Games location will appear. This is where the games are available.

On the smartphone, you need to go to the Games area. If you are on a tablet, you can select games from the Categories drop-down menu. Select the game and click on it. You will return to the Google Play Store to download the title.

Games can access all profiles of the same account and play on multiple mobile devices. A message will appear if you reach the limit of allowed devices. Disable a device from the site and take control and add a new one.

On iOS:

Go to the Netflix app. The homepage for Netflix games now has a place with all the titles. Click on it to launch it.

If you do not have it installed, you will be sent to the App Store to download it for free. You can pick up each topic separately from the Apple Store. If you have not yet subscribed to Netflix, this will be paid for by the app.

Netflix codes:

Netflix contains “secret” codes that allow access to specific genres of movies, anime, and series. Here is a list of hidden Netflix codes.
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