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Two developers actually become island ambassadors - Nert 4.Life

Two developers actually become island ambassadors – Nert 4.Life

Sushima’s ghost It also considers the increasingly important meaning of truth Sushima Island, In Japan, prompted to recommend regional authorities ambasciatori Two senior developers are game director Sucker Punch Jason Connell, creative director at Nate Fox E.

Apparently this is mostly legitimate, all focused Tourism development It is noteworthy that on the island of Sushima, but a Japanese administration sees such an opening towards a Western game and foreign developers.

On the other hand, this is not the first time we have seen this combination Video game and reality As for the Ghost of Sushima: Some time ago, a group of players and fans of the title Sucker Punch for PS4 gave considerable impetus to the crowd organized by Pastor Yucci Hirayama, who lives in Sushima. Island damaged by a strong hurricane.

Is coming now Official recognition Developers, especially sports directors, will be officially appointed as Sushma Island Tour Ambassadors with a ceremony to be celebrated online in accordance with the anti-Govt-19 rules.

In the initiative, Sony Interactive entertainment will work with local governments Advertising campaign In this way it seeks to expand the knowledge of the island’s geography, geography and its history to a wider audience.

“Fox and Connell have wonderfully exported Sushima’s name and history around the world,” said Hiroki Hidakatsu. Mayor Sushima said, “Even many Japanese do not know the history of the General-Go period. When it comes to the world, Sushima’s name and organization are not yet known in practice, so I can not thank them enough. Told our story With that awesome graphics and in-depth storytelling, ”Hitachi said.

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The Coast of Sushma sold a total of more than five million copies last November, an increase that will increase in recent months.

Sushima’s Coast owes much of its success to the Japanese organization