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Twitch, the new official type of hot tub, pools and beaches: Free Clothing - Nert 4.Life

Twitch, the new official type of hot tub, pools and beaches: Free Clothing – Nert 4.Life

Traction Decided to change its guidelines, which may seem like a joke, but obviously not, is new Type Officer Pools, hot tubs and beaches This will allow streamers and streamers to operate very quietly on broadcasts from bathtubs, swimming pools and beaches.

This is an unexpected solution to the controversial “hot tub” meta, which Twitch has been looking for for some time to mediate or potentially clean up the event. Apparently, it is Streaming in a bathing suit It has become so popular and widespread that it is practically impossible to get rid of it completely.

Amurant is a veteran of Hot Dub Streaming on Twitz in practice and can now find a place in his own category.

So, ideally, drop the barriers and establish a free zone within the twitch, which will give you free control over this type of exchange with pools, hot tubs and beaches. It is not “all free” in the universal sense: The Rules regarding nudity and sexual explicit content, Both of which are banned from the platform, but all still take on a layered aspect, and in this sense a general amendment of the regulation is pending.

As Twitch announced, “Considered sexy By others it is not against our rules and women or anyone in our service will not take the twitch action only for the charm they feel. “In fact, it is a continuation of the guidelines already in place on the platform, given that in a way, a more logical way.

If there is such a dress, the twitch allows to broadcast the bathing suit Justified by the environment: This led to the eruption of the hot tub event, paradoxically an exchange from a bathtub makes perfect sense, even if it was carried out only to justify the use of clothing.

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Installing such a type should be the limit for transmission from the tank or swimming pool classoria generica “just chat”, Which was increasingly used, but indefinitely. So the solution goes in a key direction Diversification Possibilities for selection in themes and contexts of broadcasts, as well as changes announced in the rules regarding sexually explicit content, however they will only be defined in the coming months.

Twitch has also apologized to some of the streamers who were removed Monetization Without warning, this maneuver is directly requested by those who propose ads on the platform, but explains that there are some misunderstandings in communicating with the streamers involved. It also explicitly considers the case of Amurant which has come out in recent days.