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Konami Store confirms some announcements -

Tweets regarding PS5 processor issues deleted, link “in a few hours” –

Abandoned, The much talked about horror game from the Blue Box Game Studio, had to show itself a way a few days agoApplication PS5. Unfortunately, at the unfortunate moment, a problem forced the team to put everything off. He explained the problems he faced through Twitter, but now those problems Tweets have disappeared. However, the official site says that the connection will be ready “in a few hours”.

At Blue Box Game Studios, you can simply watch what you achieve Page TwitterHe deleted every tweet after August 10th. The developer may have done a “sweep”, perhaps to remove “evidence” Problems In order to remove a space that is now being used by players who have been affected by the abandoned PS5 usage or perhaps to complain and criticize. It is a strange activity, however, they are active for many hours, if not days.

Abandoned: This movie is not really a real game

It appears to be the only new information we have about what was abandoned The official website of the Blue Box Game Studio: On the very (very) Spartan side, the company logo, in bright green with a scary white, “was the problem” Resolved. This link will be available in a few hours. “Could the team have decided to try again at 9pm Italian time tonight?

We just have to Wait I hope the time has come to find out what is behind the abandonment. We only know that it was not Silent Hill that was dropped according to an interview leak that appeared online.