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Tutorial - How to Disable "News and Interests" Tile from Windows 10 Taskbar?

Tutorial – How to Disable “News and Interests” Tile from Windows 10 Taskbar?


You may have seen this before Widget “News and Curiosity” automatically sticks to the taskbar of our Windows 10 desktops. Please don’t, how to turn this off in seconds …

Not everyone likes new features in operating systems. Here we see Widget “News and Interests” infiltrated the right side of the Windows 10 taskbar with an update in the summer of 2021.

Lay widget

The Widget “News and Interests”.

This thumbnail shows weather, local traffic conditions and regional or global news. It can certainly be customized to suit our areas of interest (sports, politics, technology, etc.), but you may not need it or it may be Widget Overload your scene.

Here’s how to disable this feature partially or completely in a few clicks:

Flying path

Default activation is the most annoying effect of this Widget It has an annoying tendency to open when the mouse cursor is done. To turn it off, right-click anywhere on your taskbar, then select the “News and areas of interest” drop-down menu and select “Open on hover”.

Disable hover opening.

Disable hover opening.

To remove the widget completely, proceed in the same way, but select “Disable”. The weather forecast and related text will disappear from the taskbar.

Taskbar, when the widget is disabled.

Taskbar, once Widget Disabled.

If you want to run it again one day, simply repeat the process in reverse order: double-check the “Show Icon and Text” or “Show Icon Only” option.

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