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Transformers: Battlefields now available on the Nintendo Switch

Transformers: Battlefields now available on the Nintendo Switch

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Bandai Namco Entertainment Announces Hasbro and Outright Games Transformers: Battlefields Now available on the Nintendo Switch.

Behind this single player and multiplayer action game is “For Kids and Fans of All Ages” by UK developer Godzink, which seeks to revive the timeless war between autobots and decepticons.

As the megatron closes in Allspark, Bumblebee and Autobots need a new commander to save the Earth and fight it in places like Central City and Cybertron.

“We are incredibly proud to be working with Hasbro and making this logo new,” says Terry Mulham, CEO of Adright Games. “We have grown with the Transformers Universe and are excited to be involved in the release of this game.”

Mark Fletcher, Senior Vice President, Corporate Strategy and Business Affairs, adds: “Transformers Ownership has spanned a wide range of entertainment over the years, and we are always excited by a new video game featuring everyone’s favorite bots.

“This is an incredibly exciting time in the video game industry. We can not be happier with the release of this new title for fans of all ages to enjoy.”

Transformers: Battlefields are now available worldwide at retail and at the Nintendo Switch on the Nintendo EShop.