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Nintendo says it will not bring physical games to Brazil

Nintendo says it will not bring physical games to Brazil

Now in October, we at Vox have the opportunity to talk to Romina Whitlock, Nintendo’s Director of Marketing in Latin America, about the official arrival of the Nintendo Switch in Brazil. Check out our article to find out everything he shared with us!

When we asked about the reception of the console in our country, Romina explained that it was two years old and a project carried out in small steps. As many of you know, Nintendo left Brazilian land in 2015, mainly claiming that high import rates were a problem for its permanence.

Therefore, the first step is the arrival of the Nintendo Store in 2018, as a way to allow players who already have the device to buy their games very easily, using local payment methods (such as slips) and eliminating the need for international credit cards. .

In the same year, the company was at PGS, an important moment to interact with fans and deliver its products. Of a legal interest, the consoles were hidden in dark boxes because, as the director explained, a product not yet available for sale could not be presented.

Then, in 2019, the next step was to create Nintendo channels on the country’s social media, facilitating community interaction and launching exclusive content. In addition, the console had to undergo hardware changes, modifying the socket to Brazilian standards.

All of this ensured the success of Nintendo Switch sales through official distributors, who already made retailers sell in their stores, such as the magazine Louisa and Lojas Americanas, and made the console available so that buyers could easily buy everything in the market. Same place.

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Regarding the choice to sell the games digitally, Romina says the decision was made primarily because of the price, as the import tax and ammunition taxes are higher here. In addition, the Nintendo Store was an essential option because it allowed the company to continue to produce titles in Japan and make them easily available to the world.

For those wondering if the advent of hardware will bring in more localized topics, unfortunately there is no news on this matter, Whitlock explained that the company is now focusing on expanding its list in Latin America.