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Trailer Switch for Borderlands 3 Directors Cut, PlayStation, Xbox and PC

Trailer Switch for Borderlands 3 Directors Cut, PlayStation, Xbox and PC

Gearbox and 2K released Start the trailer of Borderlands 3 director’s cut, Xbox One, Xbox Series X | S, PlayStation 4, PS5 and PC. This is the latest DLC from the popular Gearbox FBS. During these hours, however, Borderlands 3 director’s cut is categorized Nintendo Switch. Could there be any change in the works behind the scenes?

Often this is one of the (many) errors Go. The European Classification System, in fact, also recorded the game for Nintendo’s hybrid console. However, the release date of April 8, 2021 leaves us in doubt, and we fear that this will be the second “case” for the Exam Chimera force. He was also released on consoles, but 2K Games denied it a few hours later.

For the Borderlands 3 director’s cut, Gearbox describes the game’s new DLC as follows:

“We need someone to teach a great lesson in Pandora Boss Raid Workgit Emora is called The Invincible. Ava may need your help to solve the ongoing planetary crimes documented in her new podcast. As the first of three cryptocurrencies on the table, you will have the opportunity to unlock new gear and cosmetics in memory of some of the fallen Borderlands heroes.

Includes tons of content for those interested in creating games like Borderlands 3, Director’s Cut Behind the scenes. Explore the gallery full of paintings and storyboards and see sliced ​​contents (including the final scene of Maya) and all the confusing ducks. You may also find some answers to questions you may not know you want to ask.

In the director’s cut-out, i Cosmetic packages Players who own the Ultimate Edition of Season Pass 2 or Borderlands 3 are offered “Vault Disciples”, which are now available for purchase separately. These makeup packages show who would have become if Borderlands 3 Crypt Hunters had joined the “Walt Kids”.

Each character-specific pack includes a type of crypt hunter body and matching head that can be mixed and matched with any other customization options you have in your collection.

Borderlands 3 is now Xbox One, Xbox Series X | Available for S, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5 and PC.