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Trade unions against ULSS: "Compostella fulfills responsibility for unannounced operators"

Trade unions against ULSS: “Compostella fulfills responsibility for unannounced operators”

ROVICO – “The Uls commissioner’s harsh statements that bring the responsibility of the third cluster on Roviko Hospital’s geriatrics department to health workers and bring our hospital to the forefront of the national news. We consider this a slander.
The behavior of this virtuous man, instead of addressing what happened deeply, blames the same health workers who went out of their way to float the same flawed local health system. On the contrary, we as community partners have widely promoted the vaccine, and we will continue to do so, especially by publishing messages in support of those who run health and community-health areas. . Knowing our territory and the working condition of the geriatrics operators we take pages in support and safety of these workers. “These are the words of Ricardo Montovan of Rovico’s CGIL after the intervention of the General Manager of Uls 5 Polesana. Promises potential obstacles, and now they are vulnerable.

“The words of a man that is unacceptable and difficult to describe as an attempt at a bad revenge game, at the same time, because of the role he plays, he would have had a duty to protect his employees, certainly not with the intent to cover up, but to endanger people, families, professionals, the entire workforce Need to verify past incidents! Apologize and roll up your sleeves to find out the real responsibility for managing CGIL combinations, screenings, AIDS, pathways and DPI for any compliance, glitches or errors – read the Mondovan note – Today we see the third outbreak with 30 patients affected and an unspecified number Operators. The same operators who had already contracted Govt. In the first explosion. Operators who have not yet received a second dose of the vaccine or have not yet been vaccinated for reasons unrelated to any wax. Dear Commissioner, If you have read the Vaccine leaflet, you know that in the presence of certain circumstances, often temporarily, wearing a laboratory coat, the vaccine is not recommended. She also knows that this is very encouraging for women who want to become mothers. “

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Cristiano Pawar of Rovico’s Yule follows the same thought: “But what Vox is not! Misunderstandings and possible misinterpretations of a subtle situation that arose with a new internal explosion within Rovico Hospital, more or less deliberately cleared, are certainly not the first.. If it is true that in the geriatrics ward and other operating units there are employees who do not realize they need to be vaccinated for risk-directly related causes, this does not mean that they do not recognize the value of who the people are or that they are more or less secretive, downplaying the words because they are based on such harsh and serious allegations Yes, but not on the basis of recommendations.

“As a trade union organization, it is good and necessary to reiterate the importance of the vaccine campaign, and we firmly believe in the importance of vaccine preparation, especially for those working in high-risk environments. But as with those who are aware of the situation, there are specific individual circumstances that are certainly not easily assessed, and we also know that the potential side effects of the vaccine, as reported, can create worse complications. It is for this reason that the Commissioner himself has repeatedly stated that there is no legal obligation. Dr. Antonio Compostella, instead of thanking the staff, goes out of their way every day, with irresponsible turning points, to ensure the continuity of hospital services, along with their colleagues, despite the risks posed by over-exposure. The most subtle situation for everyone can be completely misunderstood, misunderstood or even worse exploited by the media, giving the whole story a reading that is inconsistent with the reality of the facts and exposing the workers to a real atrocity. ”

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“Commissioner Compostella himself underlined that there are three ways to enter the ward, and even though everything is explicitly said, the other two pass by in silence. We want to highlight one of them. His words, but avoid accusations against anyone. In fact, despite the taste of a hospital operation, a nursing. Although different from home, there is a practice of never fully believing that one sees the same vulnerable person and is treated in two different ways. Someone in a ward that provides non-elderly self-help, perhaps the former general manager, should explain why the same health care institution imposes the most stringent procedures on retired homes, i.e. the isolation reserved for new entrants, instead. Adequate patients with pathology, Often comes from the same community-health structures. Because Swap escaped from the calendar of executions, the assumption that the virus had exposed itself, leaving some gaps empty again, in fact, the person who incubates the virus and the person who exposes it may enter the ward a few days before exposing it with the cloth, meanwhile spreading the infection. We hope our healthcare operators can reassure the citizens of Polis according to their technology, Intensity and commitment. We can assure you that there is no resistance to the vaccine: even if someone wants to pass comfortably, there is no wax “.