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“Just man, the symbol of humanity. He will be liberated.”

The reaction comes in the wake of the “Xenia” trial, just hours after Riyaz was sentenced to 13 years and 2 months in prison by former mayor Mimo Lugano. Luigi de Magistrates, Is the leader of the coalition that will be a candidate for a seat on the Lugano Regional Council.

The mayor of Naples and the governor of Calabria did not download his man from the list of “another Calabria possibility” and in a post on Facebook he said “Mimo Lugano is a man to me, a symbol of humanity and a global brotherhood. He never turned away the demands of different human lives. It was a desert village, and with Lugano it became a country full of energy, a round economy and a vibrant community. Lack of public health and personal care, work, material and digital infrastructure, mobility, development financing, weaknesses and lack of rights to education eat up everything Have. , With impressive youth immigration, the region’s problem at the judicial level is Mimo Lugano hurting heart and head. But the history of mankind teaches that justice does not always conform to law. Mimmo you should not give up because you are a good and honest man and people love you. Now I want to take on the responsibility of leading Calabria so that justice and rights can prevail with the will of the sovereign people. ”

Surgeon “Xenia”, Mimo Lugano sentenced to 13 years and 2 months in prison

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