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"One more application to download"

“One more application to download”

By launching its REZO mobile app, the Hauts-de-France region wants to be the voice of travelers and hopes to be heard by SNCF management. Although some users have already used it, many are skeptical about its effectiveness.

By region, the Hauts-de-France TER network receives approximately 200,000 passengers each day. Cancellation, delay or consolation, the regional council is introducing the REZO mobile app, which will face many vulnerabilities faced by these users. It is used to collect reports from passengers who meet on the daily line. On the side of traffic user associations, “Waiting to see“.

This may be a good thing, but on the SNCF Twitter account, we can already warn“, President Antoine Lamode mentions Aisne Nord Transport Users Association (AUTAN).

Another application to downloadSebastien Willemins, Secretary of the AUTAN. This is a little publicity stunt. However the SNCF is aware of the current problems. I do not think it will change anything.

The application, which was tested two years ago, was put on hold due to health problems. The region has already threatened to stop funding the transportation company. This time, as the slogan says, it wants to be the voice of the users with SNCF and with it relies on the information gathered in its monthly discussions.

To use REZO, all you have to do is install the app. Once the user selects his line, he will receive notifications. Geolocated, reports benefit the entire community. By focusing on ideas, REZO ensures that users learn all the useful information in real time during their travels. “For example, expect a correspondence problem.

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Some users are skeptical about the app’s use and report it on social media: “The previous application was of good conscience to the region, Read on Twitter, Never go back and take into account the comments and comments / comments of users. In short, a new cheer to destroy the region … we are actually taken for calves …

The Hauts-de-France region has one of the worst rail networks in France.Gilles Laurent, the leader of the fHauts-de-France National Federation of Transport User Associations (FNAUT). She promised a breakthrough for several months. Not only is it not better, it is even worse.

Through REZO, the region hopes to build a larger community in an effective way. Users will not only receive news about themselves directly, but will also benefit from ads and tips for the most active users. The only condition: you must have a smartphone.

We are not opposed AUTAN President Antoine Lamotte responds, But you all have to think. Some who do not have internet are left out. In addition to the application, it is good for the region to think about other tools. Five years ago, for all the associations, there was a site that was planned to allow exchanges, but it fell into oblivion.