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Toshihiro Nakoshi e Daisuge Sato Lacchiano in Ryu Ka Kodoku Studio -

Toshihiro Nakoshi e Daisuge Sato Lacchiano in Ryu Ka Kodoku Studio –

Toshihiro Nakoshi e Daisuke Sato They left Ryu Ka Kodoku Studio, The historical development team of the Yakuza series, which restructured Masayoshi Yokoyama by promoting him as director.

Bloomberg reports have confirmed that Nakoshi may have left Seka for NetEase, although the popular sports director has not yet officially announced his future job.

“In leaving Sega, I also resign as director of Ryu Ka Kodoku Studio,” Nagoshi wrote in a message to fans. “Thank you for learning from so many people around me. I’m here today. Thanks to colleagues who have supported me in being able to maintain the desire to continue to redefine our standards.”

Toshihiro Nakoshi

“Today a new Ryu Ka Kodoku studio was born and the Yakuza series will live on. Although I’m not sure what they will build, I hope the new generation will further solidify the foundations we have built. Years and they will make great games.”

“However, to do this, they must continue to learn, challenge themselves and grow: I urge you to continue to support them.”

“I have been involved in the Yakuza series from the beginning and have been the head of Ryu Ka Kodoku Studio for nine years, so I feel very attached to this reality,” wrote Tyshuke Sato instead. “It’s sad to leave the office and colleagues who shared their joys and sorrows with me, but this group has had a strong structure over the years.”

Daisuke Sato
Daisuke Sato

“I firmly believe that the studio will have the strength not only to continue the Yakuza series, but also to take advantage of this inspiration. The team members are talented and of course I can reach the goal. Their hands are confident.”

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“I’m truly grateful to have worked on a series that has lasted for fifteen years.