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Top Indie Games on Nintendo Switch

Someone likes massive MMORPG, where together with friends spend all their free time. Someone adores online casinos, where there is an opportunity to Play live dealer games and feel the excitement without leaving home. And someone likes indie games, little-known and niche, just for the fact that it becomes something personal, quiet gadgets for a single person.

Today we present a list of indie games available on Nintendo Switch that are definitely worth trying.

Beyond Blue

Beyond Blue is a single-player adventure game in which we find ourselves in the pulsating blue heart of our planet. The player is transported to the not-too-distant future and learns the secrets of the ocean, observing the underwater world through the eyes of Mirai, a scientist, and explorer of the ocean depths. Armed with innovative technology, your newly formed research team will constructively explore the ocean through observation, listening, and interaction like never before. The amazing and mysterious underwater world of the blue pulsating heart of our planet has been recreated in collaboration with BBC Studios for the documentary series Blue Planet II, world-renowned game developer OceanX Media and several leading oceanographers.

Alba: A Wildlife Adventure

Alba is three years old. She’s brought to vacation with her grandparents on the (fictional) Mediterranean island of Pinar del Mar, where she happily rushes along the beach, meets her smartphone for the first time, and … an Iberian lynx. Alba is thirteen. Now she has arrived on her own (at least there are no parents in the frame) – and happily immerses herself in a conscious acquaintance with the nature of Pinar del Mar. Yes, yes, with a smartphone at the ready – a messenger and will be used the animal identification app. However, the idyll is suddenly broken by the mayor of the local town, who declares that a luxury hotel will be built on the site of an abandoned nature reserve destroyed by fire, which will bring tourists back to the island. Some people even like it, but not our young naturalists.

The Pedestrian

The Pedestrian is a puzzle game that combines two-dimensional space with three-dimensional space, and our task is to help an ordinary man from a road sign get to his destination. The gameplay is somewhat reminiscent of the famous Framed series, but dragging different elements in the right order is only part of the game. In Pedestrian, we have to connect different fragments, “plugin” electricity, and perform certain actions in the signs themselves. Gradually the path becomes more and more difficult and important. Other elements are attached to the road signs, such as game mini consoles, TV screens, and control panels. But the “technical” logic is maintained in all puzzles.


The events of the game take place in the national forest in Wyoming. Henry, after the tragic events associated with his wife, becomes a forester. His job is to monitor the forest from the fire tower and prevent fires, as the weather conditions, namely the incredible heat, contribute to this. Henry’s seclusion can only be broken by his immediate supervisor, Delilah, with whom he communicates by radio. But strange events force the protagonist to come down from the tower and go in search of answers.


The idea behind Biped is extremely simple: two players must control two cute robots named Aku and Sila. These clumsy creatures must save the Earth. How? Simply by overcoming various puzzles. Biped is not a traditional platformer – where each analog stick is responsible for the movement of the robot’s leg. The idea is fun, though not super original, very well realized. You have to work together, and the success of one depends on the success of the other. Both characters are equally important here. And that’s great – there’s a real co-op mode, which, come to think of it, isn’t very many.