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Top 5 Mobile Alternatives for Us (Download Android APK)

Top 5 Mobile Alternatives for Us (Download Android APK)

If you play a lot of games on your smartphone, you already know among us. Undoubtedly the most popular smartphone game among us in 2020. Not only that, the game won both the “Game Award for Best Multiplayer Game” and the “Game Award for Best Mobile Game” in 2020. However, do you want the same taste among us in other games? Here is a list of the top 5 alternatives among us for the Android operating system.

Top 5 Alternative Ways for Us

  1. Salem city: Salem City is an online multiplayer strategy game among us. While playing this game, 7-15 players will be roughly divided between Serial Killers, Arsenists, Neutrals, Down and Mafia. If you are a Down Guy, you need to find the villains and mafia before they kill you. This is a free game Google Play Store.
  2. Werewolf Online: This game is basically a role playing game where you have to protect your village from liars. As a waswolf you have to stand last. There are a lot of special skills that you can use during the game. Go on Game Store And download the game for free.
  3. Triple Agent: Triple Agent is a board game where you get 2 roles – service agent and virus. The virus is known to all teams and team members. Therefore, agents can be used against each other to win the virus. The service agent must jail the virus to succeed. The size of the game is 30 MB and available Game Store.
  4. Party Heart Co: Party Heart Go is a strategic game developed by Dinebuild. You can’t sleep at 3am because your neighbors have dinner. You have to kill everyone in the party without getting caught. Also, there are 5 different characters in the game. The game is very interesting and available Game Store.
  5. Grandmother’s house: In this online arcade game created by Update Games, you have to help a girl named Dorothy who was abducted by her grandmother. You have to fight against Grandma and escape from Grandma’s house without getting caught. This is a free horror game Game Store.
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Which is your favorite? Let us know in the comments section below.

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