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Top 4 Nintendo Switch games with the best music


Video games have a way of pulling players into a fictional universe where all sense of time gets lost in a captivating world only left to explore. More interactive than books and more immersive than the most technically accomplished of films, games may well be the most cohesive form of entertainment these days.

And while compelling graphics and characterisation do much to sell an engrossing narrative, music is equally instrumental in setting the tone and carrying the emotional weight of a story. The right soundtrack can therefore be a potent world-building tool. So, are you looking for a game that’s music to your ears? Check out these Nintendo Switch entries with stellar musical scores.


As hard to believe as it may be, some of the best games on Nintendo’s handheld console are the works of one single individual. Developer Eric Barone single-handedly made the indie farming sim that took the world by storm. With no classical music studies to get him on track, Barone managed to put together the optimal score for Stardew Valley.

American independent developer Toby Fox followed in his footsteps with a unique RPG he perfected all by himself, down to the game’s brilliant soundtrack. A self-taught musician, Fox composed Undertale’s tracks using various leitmotifs meant to reflect the narrative journey undertaken by players and embody the essence of the game’s characters. The musical themes also play out on the nostalgia of retro classics. And from melancholy tracks to catchy tunes, Undertale is an out-and-out treat for all music lovers.

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The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild

When it comes to poignant and downright epic scores, The Legend of Zelda rarely disappoints. Music even plays centre stage in most instalments, with instruments granting special abilities. Breath of the Wild broke the formula, however, by introducing a meagre two playable percussion instruments. Yet the soundtrack complementing the twentieth entry in the franchise was no less sensational.

While subtle, if not often minimal, Japanese composer Manaka Kataoka’s tracks encapsulate the boundless open-world exploration freshly introduced in the franchise. Songs like Kass’Theme and Kakariko Village rank high among the series’ most memorable themes. So, will the much-awaited Tears of the Kingdom sequel top its predecessor musically? Eager fans can find out in May.

Aviary Attorney

If you’re big into visual novels and crime mysteries, Capcom’s Ace Attorney series may ring a bell. The fun court battles and investigation drama of the infamous lawyer have inspired many spiritual successors, such as Danganronpa. Yet Aviary Attorney draws the most obvious inspiration from its influential predecessor. Only this indie game takes its bird attorney to 19th-century France.

Borrowing from genuine French caricatures of the time, the title’s artwork does an incredible job of breathing life into Paris on screen. But Aviary Attorney’s atmospheric soundtrack elevates the narration even further. In a period-accurate homage to French culture, developers used works from 19th-century composer Camille Saint-Saëns. And the humorous suite of the Carnival of the Animals is just about the perfect fit for the game’s anthropomorphic animal characters.

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Card Shark

Card Shark cunningly reinvents the card game genre by encouraging players to blatantly cheat. The story kicks off when a mysterious count enrols a young mute as his accomplice with one goal in mind: con the high and mighty of 18th-century French society. And as you empty the pockets of every nobleman around, the remastered works of classical musicians like Johannes Sebastian Bach and Claude Debussy add much historical flavour to the story.

If Card Shark’s intoxicating minigames got you itching for real card playing, 18th-century symphonic music also makes for a phenomenal background score as you go all in. And the good news is, online table games are just a click away. Top casinos boast an extensive catalogue of classic tabletop games and original variants, from blackjack to Pai Gow poker. Live sessions even give players the opportunity to take on trained dealers. Plus, free games blend in with real money games so that users can test the waters before depositing actual funds. Unlike Card Shark, though, there’s no foul play allowed!

Music might not make or break a game, but a stunning soundtrack can magnify the experience. From exclusive themes to reorchestrated classical works, video games have explored several musical avenues. And if you feel like expanding your horizons, many other Switch games like Cuphead, Hollow Knight, and Octopath Traveller are just as pleasing to the ears.