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Long live the summer at the museum!

Long live the summer at the museum!

From July 1st, with the summer reopening and the museum’s 10th anniversary, you have three reasons to (re)discover the Sauveterre-Musée de Préhistoire. After almost a year and a half of working with the technical services of La Fabrique Toi-Même and Fumel Vallee du Lot, to develop the outdoor discovery path leading to the archaeological site, this brand new device is “La PréhistoBalade” and 6 discovery stations to be explored, on the edge of the forest, on the edge of Lémons. Or how to imagine yourself on a beginner’s walk with your sneakers… Independently, with a playbook collected from the museum’s reception or downloaded from the museum’s website, visitors will immerse themselves in the world of prehistoric man 9,000 years ago. This Fumel Vallee du Lot project is supported by the Lot-et-Garonne Departmental Council, DRAC Nouvelle-Aquitaine and the Lhoist Southern Europe company based in Sauveterre-la-Lémance, making it possible to develop the museum and actually stick to it. The concept of museum inside, museum outside!

But a temporary exhibition dedicated to Sauveterrien’s inventor and icon of the city, Laurent Coulonges. Laurent Coulonges, a notary in Sauveterre-la-Lémance, dedicated part of his life to archaeological research in the Lémance Valley. In 1923, at the Martinet site, he discovered an original culture of hunter-gatherers, which he named Savatarian (-9,000 to -6,500 years). Many unpublished parts of the territory and its research are exhibited for the first time at Monsempron-Libos, including the remains of local Neanderthals. A unique exhibition designed by volunteer curator Alain Durk, in collaboration with the National Museum of Prehistory, the Council of the Department of Lad-et-Garonne, the Museum of Fine Arts, not to mention the invaluable help of enthusiasts and members of the Coolonges family. Agen and Sauveterre-la-Lémance town hall.

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Finally discover the museum’s summer activities for young and old!