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Top 10 Jam Avoidance Apps You Can Download

Need information on the actual condition of roads near your town? Check out these Pocket Tools for Android.

If you want to avoid annoying traffic jams on the way home, check out the list of best apps to avoid traffic jams and see traffic more clearly.

There is something that bothers every driver, especially traffic jams, especially at work, on the way to work, on the way to school or at an important meeting and the time you have to be there.

Top 10 Jam Avoidance Apps You Can Download

Although these are situations beyond our control, there is always a solution, and this is where the traffic apps come in – they can give you a look at the information you need to get a route, security advice or more.

Learn to drive with these awesome apps

Best applications to avoid traffic jams

  • Here we are
  • Via Michelin
  • Coyote
  • Google Maps
  • Real-time GPS, maps, routes and traffic
  • Tom Tom friend
  • Social drive
  • Traffic congestion
  • Waze
  • RACC Infotransit

On Google Play you will find applications for learning to drive and parking software, but you can also find applications for making traffic more clear and avoiding traffic jams on the road.

Here we are

Here we are

Here is WeGo, a completely free navigation application

Here WeGo is a completely free navigation app that will help you when visiting your city or travel, compatible with more than 1,300 cities around the world, making it the perfect tool to go by car, livestock or public. Transportation

It allows you to mark the places you go to often and make them always a favorite, has a voice guide to know the directions while traveling in the car and know the location of the places of interest.

Via Michelin

Via Michelin

ViaMichelin: Driver Designed Site

VaaMichelin is an application designed for drivers to obtain real-time information about traffic status, GPS navigation and voice guided route tracking.

Choose the one that suits you best between the different maps and calculate the fastest route for your transportation, fuel consumption and more depending on the car, motorcycle, bike or your location and destination. All in one application.


The coyote is one of the processors that will impress you when you try it, mainly because of its completeness. Get alerts for speed cameras, real-time traffic conditions, speed limits, GPS navigation and more.

Its interface is very easy to use and no advertising, so all the benefits are at your fingertips. The best thing is that in more than 23 European countries you can enjoy their service without problems.

Google Maps

Google Maps

Google Maps: The most popular navigation application in the world

What about Google Maps? Probably the most popular navigation app in the world. From shops, boutiques and places of interest, to drawing up routes, to calculating destination times for different modes of transport and interacting with millions of business locations around the world.

Google Maps is one of the best traffic congestion processors you can download, and allows you to download maps of cities, countries, or the world, even offline and at the right time and place. If you want. Something very complete and easy to use.

Real-time GPS, maps, routes and traffic

Real-time GPS, maps, routes and traffic

GPS, maps, navigation and traffic information with this application

As the name implies it is a real time GPS, maps, navigation and traffic information application. It allows you to search for a destination (school, restaurant, shopping center, cafe, etc.) and find different ways to get there from very long to short depending on the different modes of transportation.

Save your favorite places like home or office and get notifications about speed limits, route history, offline maps, always updated maps and more.

Tom Tom friend

Tom Tom friend

One of the best options for avoiding traffic jams is the Tom Tom Amigo

TomTom Amigo is the perfect navigation, GPS and map application that should be on your mobile. Choose your destination, it will automatically schedule the fastest route to avoid traffic, traffic jams and delays.

Additionally, you will receive notifications about fixed speed cameras, mobile speed cameras, real-time traffic conditions, blocked routes, different maps, offline availability and more. This is without a doubt one of the best traffic avoidance apps that can be downloaded from Google Play.

Social drive

Unlike the other apps on this list, Social Drive is a social network for drivers that are fully valid in Spain. The great thing about this site is that users only post alerts and notifications about the current traffic situation.

But don’t worry, all the information is still verified by the application administrator. Get alerts on fixed speed cameras, speed cameras, checking or canceling traffic incidents and more.

Traffic congestion

As you can see from its own name, it is an application designed to get real-time information about traffic conditions and potential traffic jams based on Google Maps.

It is very simple, but makes its ways better, mainly to find routes, regions or cities, favorite places and more. It is updated every 3 minutes, so you will always be aware of any situation during that time.



With Waze, you get a great community with the same tastes and interests

Waze is one of the most popular transportation applications in the world. Like the social network for drivers, you get real-time information about traffic, checkpoints, road accidents, traffic jams, and more so you can pick the best alternative or get out of the way. Application Do this for yourself.

Precisely, Waze can change the route instantly to avoid traffic jams, save time on your journey, and estimate your arrival time based on current and actual traffic conditions and more. In addition, you can always count on other drivers’ reports to make the journey easier.

RACC Infotransit

RACC Infotransit

RACC Infotransit is a very efficient free application for displaying traffic

The last and least important RACC on our list is the pocket-sized tool, which informs you in detail about real-time traffic status, forecasts traffic for hours and instantly learns about events so you can change lanes or plan the most appropriate one.

Get notifications from over 1,200 speed cameras, speed cameras and parking lots, directions to nearby gas stations and more across the country. Choose a goal and RACC will plan the best path for you.

With these apps to avoid traffic jams, you will have no problem reaching your destination safely and always on time. Now tell us, what is your favorite?

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