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Is it safe to download them?

Books are a great way to entertain yourself and learn something new. Let’s be honest: you don’t have enough hours in your day to digest everything – you have millions of ebooks waiting to read them. In other words, getting your hands on one of these free ebooks is not a problem, and once you know where to look for them, you are free to distribute them, so you will not step on anyone’s toes, copyright wise. However, there is the question of security. Can you download them without worrying, or is there something you need to know before doing so?

Stick with the sources you trust

Just like anywhere else to avoid websites that distribute malware, you need to act with due diligence.

Such sites Project GutenbergFor example, it is a trusted source with many users and over 50,000 free ebooks that you can download. Yes, it includes fictional works like Sherlock Holmes – whose copyright expired some time ago, thus allowing legal distribution for free.

Another great one is Amazon Prime, if you have a membership (if not, take advantage of their 30 day trial). This is a great place to save on free audiobooks, which is a great way to reduce time while traveling or driving. Contrary to popular belief, the Kindle does not need to have access to their offerings – as any modern iPhone or Android device will. Speaking of audiobooks, Audible is a great platform for these too.

And, of course, good old public libraries, a source often forgotten. But they are also changing over time, which means you can get a book through them like you can get a paperback. As long as you have a library card issued by your local provider, you can access their exam books. However, keep in mind that after a while the library will remove the book from your device.

Apart from these, there are others you can Google. You should be fine as their search engine algorithm is set up to fine-tune malware distribution websites, remove them or push down search results.

May contain malware files

In addition to infected websites, there may be risk lurking in the files as some forms may contain malware. You will often get these files by trying to download ebooks from illegal distribution networks. By trying to do so, you are not only running the risk of getting into trouble in law but also calling Trojans And other viruses should be planted directly on your computer.

Also, be careful when friends send you ebooks. Even if your best intentions are at the heart of a friend, they may not be as technically interested as you are, thus distributing infected files unintentionally. Also, if you find an offer that seems a little too good to be true (such as someone offering you the latest bestseller book to download for free), continue your protection. For all you know, you can unleash a whirlwind of viruses when you start one of these files.

Additional tips and tricks

It is a good idea to scan every file that lands on your device with an antivirus program before opening it. That way, you can make sure your operating system is not compromised. In theory, even a reputable website might publish a victim book. This can happen to everyone.

Knowing how to cover your IP with a VPN is a great trick. This not only protects you from being a hacker, but also gives you access to regionally exclusive book resources. For example, a website may offer a book that is limited to a specific region. A VPN allows you to have your IP address from any country and the exact amount of options depends on the selected provider. Read a NordVPN Review Compare with some other popular services to find the best in the market.

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Obviously ebooks offer a wealth of information and entertainment, but it is important that you do not download them randomly. A modern bestseller it may seem free, but can be looted. Stick with websites that have a good name, or Google for reviews about it.