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To live a hundred years, take care of your gut microbes

To live a hundred years, take care of your gut microbes

According to one study, the combination of intestinal microbes allows some to live longer.

Microbes, the secret to longevity? A study published in Natural Shows that those over 100 have a specific intestinal microbiota. The latter contributes to longevity by inhibiting the growth of intestinal pathogens. Taking care of your gut microbes is an important step in fighting for many years.

This study compares the intestinal microbiota of centenarians, the elderly and the young, living in Japan. Thanks to their observations, the researchers believe that longevity can be promoted by affecting bile acids. In fact, intestinal bacteria play a role in health and change with age.

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Steps to be defined

Researchers have found that people under the age of 100 are less prone to chronic diseases and age-related infections than those under the age of 100. Scientists believe that the composition of century-old intestinal microbiota may be related to this intense lifespan, but the mechanisms are not defined.

In Japan, the Kenya Honda Group has a concentrated population of intestinal microbes under the age of one hundred, capable of producing unique secondary bile acids through new biological pathways. In particular, the authors identified the various bacteria responsible for the production of these bile acids and mapped the path leading to the production of isolo-lithocholic acid.

This pathway, isoallolcA, has antimicrobial effects against various intestinal pathogens. “Although this may suggest that the bacteria that produce this bile acid may contribute to longevity, we do not have data showing the cause and effect relationship between them.“, The researcher concludes. Other studies need to confirm that.

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