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Threema, Signal, Telegram: Three Safe Alternatives to Whatsapp - Knowledge

Threema, Signal, Telegram: Three Safe Alternatives to Whatsapp – Knowledge

Our photo series shows an overview of three WhatsApp alternatives. Photo: dpa

Many WhatsApp users are complaining about massive issues on Monday. But finding a new messenger is not so easy. We present three alternatives and explain the pros and cons.

STUTTGART – The pro-multiple user app emerged on WhatsApp on Monday evening when several Facebook group services were unavailable for hours. But are there any messenger alternatives? And what are their advantages and disadvantages? Three well-known ambassadors at a glance:

Benefits: Good data security; Whatsapp-like functionality; Without advertising; With web or desktop version

Disadvantage: வசூலிக்கக்கூடிய; Fewer users than WhatsApp

Trima is a Swiss company based in the larger Zurich area and is basically like WhatsApp: contains personal and group chats in which pictures, videos and text messages can be sent back and forth. You can also send voice messages via Trima. Calls are now possible with this ambassador.

However, the crucial difference is the way user data is handled: according to Trima, it guarantees privacy through technical encryption. For example, contacts are managed on the user’s device, but not on the server. This means that messages cannot be read by Trima.

A user is identified using an eight-digit ID. You can only link this ID with your own phone number and email address if you wish. If you wish, you can use Trima anonymously. Unlike Whatsapp, Messenger can be used without providing personal data. According to its own report, Trima is one hundred percent independent and self-funded.

The servers are located in Switzerland and are therefore subject to strict data protection guidelines. Additionally, the app is ad-free, but not available for free. A one-time fee of 99 2.99 for owners of Apple iOS platforms, 99 2.99 for Android device users and 4 1.99 for Windows Phone owners. From 2017, Trima can be used not only on a smartphone but also on a desktop computer.

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2. Signal – Recommended by Whistleblower Edward Snowden

Benefits: Good data security; Free; Whatsapp-like functionality; Without advertising; High reliability; With web or desktop version

Disadvantage: Fewer users than WhatsApp; The server is not in Europe

The messenger signal is well known by Edward Snowden. The former Secret Service employee released details of a wiretapping program in the United States in 2013, thus sparking the NSA affair. In connection with the discovery of global surveillance and espionage methods, the Snowden ambassador declared the signal safe. He used the service himself, he said.

Signal Telegram, Trima and in some cases, not only works with the same encryption software that WhatsApp now uses, but also owns the software. The founder of Open Whisper Systems has an impeccable reputation. The company is funded by donations and there is absolutely no advertising.

At its core, Messenger has functions like Whatsapp. However, unlike Whatsapp, the signal, for example, can send deleted messages after a certain period of time. However, the company’s servers are located in the United States and are therefore subject to less stringent data protection rules applicable in Europe.

3. Telegram-free and cloud based

Benefits: Free; Whatsapp-like functionality; Without advertising; Cloud-based; Sending the largest amount of data possible; With web or desktop version

Disadvantage: Data protection must be implemented manually; Fewer users than WhatsApp; The structure of the company is not very transparent

Messenger Telegram operates on a policy similar to WhatsApp. The company was founded in 2013 by Russian brothers Pavel and Nikolai Trov. The two founded in 2006 in Russia a social network comparable to Facebook called “VKontakte”. A controversy arose over the data that Pavel Trov had to provide to the Russian authorities. Eventually, he had to leave his own company.

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Telegram users can write messages, send photos, videos or other documents to each other. Voice messages and even short voice videos can be generated and sent. Calls like Whatsapp are also possible.

Unlike Whatsapp, Telegram promises to increase data security for its users. Messenger has two types of encryption. Personal conversations are technically called “secret chats” and are inaccessible to third parties – including telegrams. In a 2014 test report, Stifting Warrantes rated this optional encryption “critical.” The test added: “Automatically saves all address book entries without the permission of the user or data subjects.”

Unlike Whatsapp, Telegram can create very large group chats with up to 100 participants. And there is a good trick: by telegram, you can send messages that delete themselves after the desired period.