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Find out if you are eligible and download the form here

Find out if you are eligible and download the form here

Still not sure about the TV bonus? If your TV does not support upcoming technologies you may be eligible to receive it.

We’ve heard a lot about it, and may have been a little distracted, we didn’t think it was special Bonus TV 2021, It may be with us. We are in the era of digital landscape and now we have come in smartphones too, so with the advent of new technologies it is certainly not surprising that the televisions in many Italian homes will soon be replaced.

In fact, newer TVs, terrain decoders and satellite decoders must qualify in a few months to receive DBVT-2 / HVC technology, which will replace the current one, thus obscuring multiple dated devices. For this, the government has thought about bonus TV.

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TV Bonus: Requirements to join and how much will we get

The bonus is simply an advantage 50 Euro, And is valid until December 31, 2021. In addition to a TV, we can also purchase a decoder to join the old TV if we wish, which can get new transfer technologies. These, for their part, will be available soon and their launches are scheduled for the summer of 2021.

Of course, before engaging in unnecessary new purchasing processes, always complete the test for compatibility with new technologies, such as the TV in our home. The TV bonus is yours For families whose IC does not exceed 20,000 euros.

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To take advantage of it, bring the bonus request to the store Modular Complete with identification document and applicant’s tax code. With this feature you can proceed with the purchase of terrain or satellite decoders or a TV, which are included in the list Suitable products Drawn by the Ministry of Economic Development, thanks to the discount used directly by the seller.