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This week we offer the free download of Chinese McQueen's Weward Kids Series!  Today: Come down

This week we offer the free download of Chinese McQueen’s Weward Kids Series! Today: Come down

Across the green grass fields, The new novel from the acclaimed Weaver Children series by Chinese McQuire is coming out on January 12th.

But before that happens, this week Dortotcom Publishing and Ebook Club are offering free downloads of all five previous novels! One per day. A doorstep every day!

Today is the last volume before this Across the green grass fields Success!

In the Weward Children series, children always disappear under the right circumstances; Shadows slip under a bed or in the back of a closet, dropping rabbit holes and old wells, coming out of nowhere else.

But there is not much demand for miracle babies used for magical lands.

This week, the Bookstore is offering a Weaver Children’s Novel for the day!

“Portal is a mini-masterpiece of fantasy – a book of jewelry to be paired with the classics of Louis Carroll and CS Louis” – NPR

Get one book a day:

Monday, November 30: Every heart is a door (Volume 1)
Tuesday, December 1: Down on the sticks and bones (Volume 2)
Wednesday, December 2: Underneath the sugar sky (Volume 3)
Thursday, December 3: In the dream of not being (Volume 4)
Friday, December 4: Come down (Volume 5) (Today!)

Download COME TUMBLING DOWN before 11:59 PM ET on December 4, 2020.

How it works: eBook Club subscribers will receive a free science fiction / fiction book at least once a month (recently it More than that) By registering with a valid email address. You will receive an email when the download window opens.

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Note: If you have trouble registering or downloading, please send an email [email protected].

Note for Apple users: IOS 13 changed where your download goes. They are now in your iCloud account or in a downloads folder inside Safari (down-arrow icon in top right). Further adjustment help here.

For some Chrome users on Apple devices: Some versions of Chrome on Apple devices download the webpage instead of the actual book file. When we find a way around it, switch to another browser or email us at the help email above and we will deploy you.

And… Upcoming January 12, 2021 Chinese McQuire wrote:

Access the lush grass fields
Leading Children (Volume 6)