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Statistics have downloaded nearly 2.8 million shopping apps in the world of black silver / digital information

Statistics have downloaded nearly 2.8 million shopping apps in the world of black silver / digital information

Although 2020 has been a very dark year for brands, something good has come in the form of black and silver, with almost all major brands selling monthly, and on top of that, users are being asked to shop online for the benefit of additional sales.

Fortunately, this effort has resulted in a good increase in first-time installations of mobile shopping apps across the United States. According to the given statistics Sensor Tower Store Intelligence, There is an 8 percent increase year-on-year (ending November 27th), with a record 2.8 million apps downloaded in a single day.

Overall growth is much higher compared to 2019’s Black Friday, as shopping utility installations also experienced 8 percent Y / Y growth. However, the growth of the shopping genre, in particular, seems to have seen more growth, and this may be the reason for the current rise in sales numbers.

Deeply immersed in the results, U.S. Preliminary estimates show that shopping-type installations across the App Store and Google Play reached approximately 59.2 million in the period from November 1 to November 29 – up 15 percent from 51.7 million in November 2019 over a similar period. Moreover, it is 10 percentage points higher than the 2 percent Y / Y growth experienced during the same period in 2019.

The best shopping apps downloaded on Black Friday 2020

Mobile Retail Trends Fall 2020’s latest report shows that U.S. consumer acceptance of applications from brick and mortar (P&M) retailers grew by 27% in the first three quarters of the year. In fact, Black Friday owns five P&M retailers on its list of the top 10 shopping apps to download.

Walmart was the most downloaded with 131,000 installations, followed by Amazon with 106,000 installations and the store with 81,000. Taking the total of the top 10 apps, there are a total of 763,000 installations, of which 27 percent are first-time downloaders in the Black Friday shopping segment.

Consumers celebrating the holidays on a budget

Although many countries, such as the United States, continue to experience recession, this has not affected consumer interest in shopping. Instead, consumers are moving toward more budget-friendly options or not buying, and then paying for plans (considering how BNPL apps have also experienced growth over the months of this year). Retailers, on the other hand, also act wisely by creating more events for discounts, all in the hope that they will attract more budget-friendly customers.

That being said, one can expect 2021 to be a little different than a one-day sale like Black Friday or Single Day. It will ultimately select additional options through consumer applications.

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