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This update option is never available

This update option is never available

In the functional perspective of iOS 15 Hat Apple You can skip the various hidden little things about the update at first glance. Only a closer look at what the future holds for Apple’s operating system is clear.

So Apple announced On their own preview pageiOS will provide users with a choice of future software updates. After getting iOS 15, iPhone users will be able to determine if they want to upgrade directly to the new version, thus getting all the features and security updates. Alternatively, you may have the option to stay with iOS 14 this fall. Instead of new features, there are only important security updates for the old version. This option should be found in iOS settings.

Free choice: Update to iOS 15 or continue to use iOS 14

Up to now it has been possible to postpone updates to the new iOS version, but at the same time security-related updates are often avoided. Apple currently only offers updates to older iOS versions in exceptional cases. However, this will change with iOS 15.

Additional information about the new freedom of choice is not yet known. For example, this includes how long Apple will provide older iOS versions with security updates. In addition, some viewers are wondering why Apple is now offering this new option. Jason Snell Macworld In his current column, he recalled the fear of iOS updates, which has a lasting identity for many iPhone users, especially with iOS 7. At that time, detailed changes in the user interface and applications undoubtedly caused a stir among users. The update for iOS 15 will not bring such a blatant cut, but Apple will allow the above mentioned freedoms.

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Some new features in iOS 15

Why is freedom of choice coming?

Snell speculates that Apple will already pave the way for iOS 16 with the new option. During iOS 15 Still compatible with all devicesAnyone who can use iOS 14 is likely to make big cuts with the next big iOS update.

So it is conceivable that in 2022 Apple will be able to say goodbye to various older iPhone models with iOS 16. The earlier time for all smartphones IPhone X. Ticking. Thanks to the new functionality, they will receive the latest security updates in the future. So this is another step to help keep your old devices for a long time.

A IPhone 6S Seven years later, 2015 will no longer belong to the scrap pile. No new features are available on the smartphone Security But thanks for the appropriate updates will still be confirmed.