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This unique concept mobile game for iOS and Android is free for பதிலாக 2.99

This unique concept mobile game for iOS and Android is free for பதிலாக 2.99

57 ° North is a mobile game that tells an amazing story with polished graphics. NextPit offers you this unique concept game, which is temporarily free on Android and iOS.

Are mobile games boring cost traps for you? You must download the currently free “57 North” game for iOS and Android. Not only will you save $ 2.99, you will also be immersed in an exciting and beautifully illustrated story. Unfortunately, the game is only available in English.

Rated 4.2 stars at 57 ார North 502 reviews on Google Play Store. You do not need a latest gaming smartphone to play this mobile game as the graphics are hand drawn. However, you can tinker with accessories to make the game even faster.

Why is this free mobile game worth it?

Accessories aside, you can find all models of Google Cardboard VR glasses and third-party suppliers on the Internet. With these you have to put your smartphone screen on the glasses and then you will see a stereoscopic 3D image. You can too Buy “Merge Cube” * Where Download in PDF format And create it yourself. Your smartphone’s camera will recognize the symbols in the parallel pipe and display the mobile game in augmented reality.

57 க்கில் North, you need to save yourself with your friend Gale after a shipwreck / © NextPit.

Without accessory, the images displayed when you move your smartphone will move. It creates a little more immersion and it is very elegant. You have to make decisions that affect the story that starts with the shipwreck. I do not want to say more!

Does this free mobile game value your personal data?

According to the Exodus Verification site, there are no trackers at 57 ° north, which guarantees the security of your personal data. The mobile game, on the other hand, requires six permissions, but it is not uncommon for the game to require camera and storage access to run.

On iOS, the developers note that the game does not collect personal data. Here too you have the green light. With that said, I hope you make good use of the mobile game and look forward to your free mobile game suggestions in the comments.

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