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This powerful portable console dreams of a Nintendo Switch Pro

This powerful portable console dreams of a Nintendo Switch Pro

Nintendo has not confirmed that a Switch Pro is going on, but we have certainly heard enough rumors, and the company’s previous track record suggests that it will pay more power to its smaller lineup at full time.

With the “Pro” model incorporating enhancements over the current version, the Chinese company GPD’s latest handheld – popular for its Windows-based handheld gaming machines – we dream of being possible with Nintendo In fact Pushed the idea of ​​a better, more powerful switch.

The GPD3 looks like a switch – especially with that button and stick layout – but there are some key cosmetic differences. The controls are inseparable from the main unit and the console screen goes up to reveal the keyboard – an important feature when you consider that it is basically a small PC.

The company has released footage of Win3 running software Sekro: The shadows die twice, Which is fair to say, seems to work with some graphical details.

Still, it’s an interesting display, and with the new Switch model there is a lot of potential for pushing small hardware – as some have suggested, Nintendo will keep the switch alive (if not for decades) thanks to the regular iPhone. Style hardware updates. Who knows? In 2025 we are playing the next gen games.

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