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Alerte danger : ce produit phare dénoncé par 60 millions de consommateurs, ne le consommez pas !

This flagship product has been condemned by 60 million consumers, don’t consume it!

Is it impossible to believe now? Big Brands ? Between health scandals and misleading packaging, it’s hard to know where to turn. Fortunately for buyers, the magazine looks at 60 million consumers and warns them!

In terms of boasting that there is no palm oil!

The magazine exposed Primeware Brand’s lie about margarine. Basically, on the package, it says that the product does not contain palm oil. Real interest for consumers knowing that palm oil is destroying the planet and not good for health. But if we take a closer look, we can see that the label says the product is made from… palm oil. So this is a deliberate lie on the part of the brand.

Find the mistake! The words “Palm Oil Free” are displayed Big plate, but on the back it says “contains palm oil”. With or without palm oil? Primeware explains to us that this is a printing error and there is nothing in this butter. And leave the products on the shelf. Which leaves consumers confused“, published the magazine on its website.

Surveys of 60 million consumers

The magazine wants customers to know exactly what they are buying. Don’t always trust the packaging. Packaging is sometimes too elaborate to be attractive. But that doesn’t mean the products are good for your health. It’s the same with prices: the best quality products aren’t always the most expensive.

Take the example of Chocolate in powder. Several brands were examined by the magazine. So about fifteen brands were analyzed. The magazine condemns the sugar content as too high for all products, for all brands: ” So, a 200ml bowl provides an average of 20g of sugar: that’s 40% of the recommended intake!“.

In its ranking, the Ovaltine brand points to the last position. Why? Because of the high sugar content and additives. So it’s one of those rare brands that doesn’t draw a line under this controversial element. The Canterelle brand is in trouble with its Cancavo without aspartame. 60 million consumers condemn the presence of three artificial sweeteners in its composition. So both of them are bad students.

Other well-known brands do not boast Further 60 million consumers highlight the low cocoa content. It’s a shame for hot chocolate, but it’s true. Ovaltine brand hot chocolate contains only 13% cocoa. Behind, it’s not much better for Banania (19%) and Nesquik (23%).

The French wouldn’t believe it

It’s simple, not a week goes by without a health scandal, more or less important. Enter here Balance With dangerous bacteria and false brands, it’s hard to know which products to buy. The recent peutoni pizza scandal is not reassuring for the French, especially when we learn that some children have died.

A magazine like 60 million consumers helps you make the right choice. By highlighting powdered chocolate, the magazine only highlights the worst students. Good students are quoted openly.

Thus, three good student brands topping the rankings: Top of the class, Jolivia brand with its raw organic cocoa powder. With a good score of 16.5/20, the product can boast of a composition that does not pose a risk to your health.. The Naturala brand comes with its pure cocoa powder, with no added sugar. Finally, in third place, Van Houghton, with unsweetened organic cocoa. The nutritional values ​​of these cocoa powders are excellent.

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