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Memory Loss: When Should You Worry?

Memory Loss: When Should You Worry?

“NoYour memory can’t be compared to a computer’s hard drive: it doesn’t store memories, but rewrites them every nightNeurologist Luc Buie, director of the Inserm Lille Neuroscience and Cognitive Research Center and head of a group studying the mechanisms of Alzheimer’s disease, notes. master1305/Adobe Stock

Decryption – Occasional memory problems are common, until they spill over into everyday life. On the other hand, there are cases that develop serious memory impairments.

You no longer remember where you put your keys, the name of a famous actor, a word you keep “on the tip of your tongue.” Fear of being touched Alzheimer’s disease. However, as Véronique Lefebvre des Noëttes, geriatric psychiatrist at Limeil-Brévannes (AP-HP), underlines, the loss of information does not mean that it has disappeared from the brain. “In 99% of cases, we find keys, name, word with some clues. » And, far from being pathological, forgetfulness is essential.

“Forgetting and memorizing are two partners: we cannot retain everything, and forgetting allows us to retain the essentials”, Francis Eustach, a neuropsychologist in charge of a research unit devoted to the study of human memory at Cannes, explains. Not remembering is so that we don’t clutter our brains with useless information. Also…

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