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Thinking of a pad similar to Microsoft PS5's ToolSense?

Thinking of a pad similar to Microsoft PS5’s ToolSense?

In addition to the PlayStation 5’s faster SST, the other factor that distinguishes and manages Sony at this new generation launch is definitely mentioned.Innovative DualSense.

Dropped out of class DualShock To mark a clear departure from the past, Sony Gave birth to an amazing controller, which I was capable of via Adaptive triggers (For some bad users) And this Feedback Optico To bring a little big revolution dedicated to the use of video games on the PlayStation console.

We know the features of DualSense Not on the Microsoft Pad, Although it compiles a reliable and efficient controller, we decided to stay on the most conservative line with a product that is very close to what we have already had the opportunity to appreciate on the Xbox One. But does the Redmond house have in mind to create an updated version of its controller that includes DualSense functionality?

This is the one Survey recently sent to Xbox Series X owners by Microsoft. As you can read by the screenshot shown at the end, the American company is curious to know if its customers are aware of the capabilities of the Sony Bat and are eager to try them out on Xbox.

The same Bill Spencer was involved in the compliments For the discoveries brought by DualSense, this new clue would suggest someone’s arrival The new version of the Xbox Series X Bat. However, it is better to wait for any official reports as it is better to take the news with proper caution. This is just speculation.

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