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Cridec operates on the yet-to-be-announced new AAA game -

Cridec operates on the yet-to-be-announced new AAA game –

It was discovered Cridec, The most popular developer for Crisis, is working on the new and unannounced AAA game. The company, which recently published a job post, is looking for a designer for it New AAA game. detailsJob opportunity Cridec is very low, but they allow us to get a rough idea of ​​the type of game we should expect.

As we can read, the candidate must have at least two years of experience, it is desirable that in the past he worked in the first person shooter. Like any developer, the candidate should have a keen interest in video games, but especially on the genre Critic needs. Sandbox first person shooter.

Apparently, “First Person Shooter” and “Sandbox” immediately remember the Crisis series. While Crisis Remastered was released last year, Saga has not seen the arrival of new episodes since 2013. Does the Frankfurt team want to work on a new chapter in this series? Or will this be the new IP?

That’s it for now Speculations: We know that Cretek is tough on a new game. It may take a long time for the development team to be ready to release new information on this.

In the meantime, we inform you that Cridec has paid 140,000 euros to Denovo for its anti-theft system!

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